Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to post real quick to thank everyone for their overflow of love, prayers, and support of us today. Even though we are 11 hours away it didn't feel very far because you were so near to us through modern technology. :) we feel like we have been floating ona cloud of grace. Cheesy - ok I admit it. But I can't describe how REAL God's presence has been to us.

Nothing new still about Evelyn but it was a huge answer to prayer that she was screaming so loud and didn't need much help breathing. It will probably be a big waiting game to find out when her surgery will be (if she needs one - remember we are still going to believe for a miracle :). Thank you for bearing with us during this joyful and also trying time of our lives. Great big hugs to you all!!

Love Steph

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