Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beautiful Stanford

We arrived in Palo Alto last night and we couldn't get into the Ronald McDonald house - probably won't be an option for at least the next seven days. So the social worker at the hospital got us a steal deal at the Stanford Guesthouse which is basically a little hotel on/very close to campus (we don't know yet because we haven't yet ventured out to see. I'm boycotting the car today!) This hotel is so cute and so peaceful. We are only here for another night but I'm going to call my social worker on Monday morning and beg to stay longer. It's for parents of students who are visiting and for people who are attending conferences on campus - or for parents with a child at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. :)

Stanford is so pretty! It reminds me of Seattle scenery - everything is lush and GREEN and it's raining today although it didn't yesterday. Better than the blizzards we would be experiencing in Salt Lake City right now!

Last night we met up with my friend from college, Andrea Liptac and her husband John. I hadn't seen Andrea in 8 years and since the time I last saw her God has done an amazing work in both of their lives. They live in San Francisco and invited us to meet them for tacos (yummy!) and then go to their church service. It is a very small church - but size is no indication of power or passion! These people took us in and after worship they prayed for the baby for healing. It was so amazing. We were touched that they would interrupt their normal meeting just to pray for us, two country bumpkins from Idaho who they will probably not see again until eternity. Plus, it stirred Chris and my faith even more for Evelyn's healing and a good report from the doctors on Tuesday. The Body of Christ is so amazing. And it was such a blessing to see John and Andrea and their precious little boys. We hope that if we are here for very long we will get to see them again.

So that's the update - thank you again for committing to prayer for us and believing for the best - and for the impossible with us. We are so excited to meet our newest little munchkin - if I haven't already mentioned that a thousand times.

Oh! And for those of you who wonder, Clara is having a blast with our friends, Matt and Heidi Saunders. She gets to be the baby sister to three older boys for a week (ages 6, 4, and almost 3). Matt and Heidi's youngest boy has a heart condition VERY similar to the one Evie has been diagnosed with. I was thinking about them even this morning very early and praying for Oliver's healing. I believe we are going to see more miracles every day - even miracles for things that maybe we've accepted as "normal life." So Clara gets to play with cars, dinosaurs and their "kitty." (It's actually a toy Rat Terrier dog, but for some reason Clara refuses to see her as anything but "Kitty." The movie Monsters, Inc. has reached a new level of funny to us because Clara is just like that little girl who calls the monster "Kitty.")

Heidi sent me a picture of her handiwork - she was so proud that she can actually fix a little girl's hair even though she only has boys. :)

We love you Matt and Heidi, thank you for taking such good care of our precious treasure. I promise I will pay you back someday in a different season of life. There will come a day... :)
Thanks for everyone's comments. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so I can comment back? Does anyone know how to do that?

All our love,
Chris and Steph


  1. Stephanie, Glad to hear things are feeling good in Stanford. As for commenting back, you can click on the poster's name to see if they have an email linked with their name or you can just post back on your blog as another comment. I do both...emailing has helped me make some terrific blogger friends and posting back in the comments field lets people know you're reading their comments. Either way works. Fingers crossed that you'll get to stay in the hotel that's feeling so welcoming to you.

  2. clara was so cute on sunday! her hair was adorable...heidi does good work! we had oliver in little lambs i asked him how it was having a little sister at his house "good" he said and went on was cute!

  3. Oh, Clara is so much fun to have here! Super cute! Makes me realize what I'm missing out on with no girl. It will be hard to give her back! :) Love you guys and miss you!