Saturday, February 21, 2009

Denette Dresback - Steph's Mom

So, I had this great idea today. At least I think it's a great idea! We are going to try and brag on someone new every day. Fun huh?! Of course all of this is depending on the day and if we have time to do it every day. Right now we have time because we are just waiting for Monday! If anyone wants to add anything in the comments section to any of our bragging please feel free! Of course if you don't know the person it's hard to brag on them, but we want to somehow bless the people that have blessed us!

I'm going to first brag on my mom since she is down here with us. My mom is Wonder Woman. She's been a single mom since I was...hmmmm...I think 14? While I was in highschool my mom was working at least 40 hours a week cleaning houses, going to college full time, raising me, my then-Jr. High age brother and my then-4 year old sister! Ok pause right there...raising ONE kid as a single mom I cannot fathom. Let alone one in each of three very difficult seasons of childrearing. Amazing. She finally graduated from college with a degree in Managing Information Systems (smart lady computer stuff) and got a full time job - still raising us kids...I think I was away at college around this time but trust me I was just as high-maintenance as the highschooler version of me! Fast forward a few mom is now working more than full time in healthcare doing smart lady computer stuff (still not EXACTLY sure what she does even though she's told me probably a thousand times! But it's really important and she really enjoys it and she's really good at it!) She's in an MBA program also, trying to earn her MBA. She's had at any given time in the past few years, me, my brother and my sister (or any combination of the three) living at home with her. She's never acted like we are a burden to her. She pours her time, money, and love into her kids (and grandkid - lucky Clara!) And she's so fun to be around. She never fails to rise to any challenge that God has allowed into her life. She loves to learn, she loves history, the ocean, travelling, and she loves to meet people's needs. I think most people can relate to this - growing up you think you are SO different than your parents, and you like it that way. But the older you get the more you see reflections of your parents in your own personality. With my mom, we happen to share traits that we like about ourselves so we always laugh about the way that we are. I'm glad I am like my mom in so many ways. I love you Mom! So does Chris, so does Clara and so will Evelyn. Thank you for coming to stay with us and for the Jamba Juice Smoothie you are getting me right now! :)

Love Steph


  1. Your mom is so sweet and joyful every time I see her. Tell her when she come to town we will have to have lunch together. Sure Clara will want to see he "big brothers" too. :) So nice of her to come be with you two in CA. Mom's are priceless!

  2. What a lovely testimony from a daughter...I'll bet you're mom thinks you're just as special as you think she is!