Monday, February 16, 2009

God Continues To Be Faithful!

...And it doesn't surprise us at all! When I called the Ronald McDonald House on Friday to see if they had a vacancy the answer was not only "no" but it was "probably not for at least a week." However, here I am updating my blog from none other than the most posh Mickey D's house I've ever seen! We got in this afternoon! No more wondering where we will sleep every day! The hotel we were in was AMAZING but temporary because the ultimate goal was to get us into the RM house as soon as possible. So here we are.

We have had a great couple of days. Yesterday we did nothing and it was fabulous! And today we ventured out to San Jose to meet up with Chris' buddy Brian Womack and his family. We had so much fun with them! Brian's wife Elizabeth is so sweet and kind and their two kids, Jadon and Ella are adorable. Ella is only a couple of months older than Clara so being around her made me miss my little Boo-delicious. I think she and Clara need to hang out so Ella can rub off on Clara a bit. She is so calm and laid back and she eats anything they give her! Chris and I couldn't believe she just sat at the retaurant for hours happy to be there. Both of their kids are such gems. So good to connect with friends we haven't seen in years - that has been the icing on the cake of this trip. Something we didn't plan on but God worked out and we got blessed. Seeing the Womacks and the Liptacs was wonderful.

Back to the Ronald McDonald House. Wow! They have a computer room, multiple family rooms, a kitchen with about 10 gas stoves. We get our own personal fridge and cupboard. They have a nice fitness center, laundry facility - and get this - a Coke vending machine with 25 cent Coke products! And if you even get a cold they put you up at a hotel. So the kids undergoing treatments don't catch cold.

We are going to rest for the remainder of the night since starting tomorrow we will most likely be off of our mini-vacation and into the medical world. Sigh. Please continue to pray with us that Evelyn's heart shows up on the echo tomorrow (130pm) as totally normal. We are planning what we are going to tell the media. :)

Take care! We love you all!



  1. Yay! Congratulations on getting into the RM House. We're so glad things are going so well for you. I'd say you're definitely where you're supposed to be. P.S. The world is smaller than we cousin in VA is married to a Womack.

  2. We're praying for you and baby Evie today! I'm so glad to hear that everything is coming together so well, and thrilled that you're keeping us all updated. :)

  3. I hope and pray that today went well for you guys! Love you!!!

  4. I am so Glad You are doing well, and We are Praying for you and Baby Evelyn alot..I hope everything went well for you today.. Thanks for keeping us udated. Love Ya! Steph Pennington