Thursday, February 26, 2009

Down With Suspense!

Just a quick post to say that Evelyn's cath procedure got rescheduled until tomorrow (Friday) around 1pm. They just got a little behind on their schedule and the caths before her took longer than anticipated.

On a fun note, I've been able to give Evelyn drops of milk from a syringe a few times a day. Only about .5 ml every 6 hours. Its not even enough for her to really swallow. I place it inside of her cheek and it gets absorbed into her mucous. But she loves it! She licks her lips and tries to suck on the syringe. This evening Evie's nurse was so wonderful and she let me feed her the drops of colostrum, and then I got to clean her eyes! They are starting to get that yellow weepy stuff that newborns often get. Clara had it so bad and I thought it was such a pain to clean her eyes. With Evelyn it's sheer joy. I continue to be amazed at how much "perspective" really affects our lives! The nurse even deferred to me a few times and asked things like "does she seem comfortable to you? Is there anything else you want me to do for her? Etc." At one point I made an off-hand comment that she was drooling and it was running under her skin folds. Not expecting her to fix it but she dropped what she was doing and cleaned up Evie's drool. I'm so thankful for nurses who allow me to feel like Mommy even when I really am helpless in regards to Evelyn's care. The little things mean SO much right now!

Also a sidenote - some of you have asked if we are refraining from posting pictures because Evelyn looks bad. And in fact we aren't doing that at all! She does have a lot of tubes and lines coming from her and we know that can be frightening to some, but she actually looks better everyday. The lack of pictures is just due to technical difficulties. The hospital's wifi has been temperamental so we've been using the internet on our phones to post updates. Our phones can't upload pics. We will post pics as soon as we can. Its so overwhelming that so many people care about what's going on in our lives.

We LOVE you and will post again as soon as we know something



  1. I love that you both are so full of faith, it is so amazing.. You are such an inspiration.. Thank you for giving us regular updates, I cant wait everyday to read the them. I keep praying everyday for all of you... Love you guys!

  2. Glad to hear that you are getting to feel like Mommy...that is so important.