Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt and Heidi Saunders

Ok so Chris brought it to my attention that we can't possibly write as much as we did for my mom for everyone who has blessed us - we probably won't even be able to mention everyone who has blessed us! So we are going to limit what we write - sad to say. :(

Matt and Heidi Saunders. First off today is Matt's birthday which is really funny because as Heidi noted in one of the comments sections (yes we do read all of those and SO appreciate your comments! Makes us feel like we are having a conversation with you.) Heidi mentioned that Clara and she share a birthday - August 16th. Well, Evelyn is a day late from sharing Matt's birthday! I tried to get my c-section scheduled for today but they just wouldn't do it on a Sunday. Bummer.

So I'm going to say just a tiny about Heidi and Chris will do the same for Matt.

Heidi is such a servant that it sometimes makes my head spin. She ALWAYS has a good attitude about anything she's asked to do, and she really just likes helping people. She is the ultimate Mommy, friend, example Christian, and wife. She's faced harder trials than most mommies will ever face and she has come out with grace, strength and a message on her heart to share with other mommies ( yours truly). Heidi I love you and you will never know how thankful I am for you!

Matt is one amazing individual! I think he is probably one of the most generous guys I've ever met. I still have several large items at my house that he has given me-a nice desk and chair, a vacuum cleaner, and my grill. (You can see the grill on google earth. It's the round dark circle on our porch.) Not to rob him of his reward in heaven, but he even gave somebody a car once! Another thing that has impressed me with Matt is how he's stuck with his walk with God. He's had plenty of chances to get offended and leave our church, but Matt has stayed the course and it's amazing to watch how God is rewarding him for it. Thanks Matt for being such a great friend all these years!

As a sidenote tomorrow is the big day! 12 o'clock pm. I thought I wouldn't be able to eat anything from midnight on, but the anesthesiologist gave me permission to eat up until 4am! So if you happen to be awake at 3:30am you can think of me as I eat my last meal of this pregnancy. Mommies can attest that a pregnant lady CANNOT go 12 straight hours without eating. So yes, I will be setting my alarm for 3:30am. Ok probably more detail than you need. :)

Love you all! Please stay tuned for the BIG UPDATE tomorrow!


  1. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow...

  2. You've been on my heart this morning. I've been thinking about Jehoshaphat standing in front of the whole nation of Israel, saying "But Lord, our eyes are on you." Today, we are all standing behind you both, echoing Jehoshaphat's prayer.

  3. We love your blog and wait with anticipation for each update. We are praying for you guys today and can't wait to meet sweet, precious Evelyn! Lots of Love and Prayers,

    Erik & Sara