Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes yesterday was a rather tough day. Steph's post really inspired me, so I decided to come up with a list of a 100 things I'm thankful for. Suprisingly I had 70 in 15 min! Here's the list. They are not in order of importance!
I'm thankful for:
1. Steph (I could come up with at least a hundred things that I'm thankful for with her)
2. Steph's faith
3. Steph's desire to be a good mom
4. Steph's health
5. Clara
6. Clara's fun personality
7. That Clara likes to go outside and play.
8. My mother-in-law
9. My father-in-law
10. My mother
11. My father
12. My parents raising me with morals.
13. My brother Erik and his family.
14. My brother Ben and his family.
15. My brother Jared.
16. My sister Erin.
17. That my family cares about us.
18. Steph's beautiful eyes.
19. Baby Evelyn (there's about a hundred things wrapped up in that one)
20. Our church
21. Pastor Mark and DD and family.
22. Amazing practical preaching
23. Amazing worship!
24. Friends that care about their walk with God.
25.Friends that care about our walk with God.
26. Our churches believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
27. Our Church has a place to meet.
28. Tim Love and the sound team.
29. Our other great leaders-Galways, Richters, Laframboise, Argons.
30. Our amazing friends.
31. Conolidation team.
32. The servants hearts of our church.
33. Soft chairs
34. Nursery at church
35. The Vanderpools leadership in the nursery!
36. Small groups.
37. David and Jessica's group. 38. Focus on safety at our church.
39. Nursery workers!
40. The hard work that Kelsey and Jonathan put into the nursery policy book.
41. Whoever puts all the grape juice in the little cups for communion.
42. Security team.
43. Concealed weapons permits. 44. Teaching on the local church.
45. Men's meetings
46. Consecration week.
47. Guys like the crosswalker.
48. Anniversary services
49. Valentines day
50. Church picnics
51. ROAR
52. JGC-it's so exciting to watch those guys grow up!
53. Metropolis
54. Presbyteries
55. Our great church heritage. 56. Brother Dick and the great church he pastored.
57. MFI
58. Ralph and the parking team.
59. Set-up team
60. Tear down team
61. Missionaries
62. All the prayers for our baby.
63. Tuesday morning prayer
64. Friday morning prayer
65. Saturday morning prayer.
66. The Saunders care of Clara.
67. The computer that Raz and Christy gave loaned us.
68. Both my legs
69. Both my arms.
70. That God gave us memory. Can you imagine life without memories. How horrible to keep making the same mistake twice. 71. Great surgery for Steph.
72. Great hospitals.
73. Great surgeons.
74. Great nurses.
75. Great NICU
76. Steph's health.
77. Anethestiologists-without these guys surgery would be a lot more difficult.
78. Lactation consultants.
79. Leaders that give wise advise.
80. Infrastructure-the roads around here are great.
81. My job
82. Great employees
83. Amazing boss
84. Great company to work for. 85. Technology
86. Email
87. Dvds
88. Cell phones
89. Paid vacation
90. Ronald Mcdonald house
91. Flowers
92. Sandwiches
93. Sewers
94. Clean water
95. The Bible (I have at least 100 things I'm thankful for in the Bible)
96. Divine healing
97. God that heals
98. God that hears our prayers
99. God that knows everything.
100. God that sees everything.
101. Prayer
102. Every verse on healing.
103. God that answers our prayers.
104. Jesus
105. The cross
106. Freedom from sin.
107. Heros of the faith listed in Hebrews 11.
108. Martin Luther
109. Soap-think about it.
110. Deodorant
111. Shoes
112. Hymns
There are many more but I need to stop!
Psalm 19:14-May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

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