Friday, February 13, 2009

Evelyn will be here soon!

....We just don't know when yet!

We have arrived in Reno after a wonderful drive. We had so much fun worshipping the Lord in the car that neither of us noticed that Chris was driving 55 mph in a 70 mph zone...for 45 minutes. I did wonder at one point why everyone was so upset as they whizzed past our happy little car. Seems like everyone is always in a hurry...myself included (sad to say!) It was nice to not be in a hurry and just enjoy our day.

Chris prayed with one of the gas station clerks in the middle of nowhere, NV. He is getting so bold to share the love of the Lord with people. I know my time is coming, but I still get really nervous. God is so good and patient with us to let us have so many chances to grow in our faith. I've gone in and out of being bold to share the Lord throughout the past few years. Right now I am coming out of one of the "not so bold" spells that I've been in. Chris is good inspiration for me!
We also saw something I had never seen before! Cows overtaking the road! Get a load of this (below). It was something else and lasted a good 10 minutes. Everytime the people on their horses tried to steer the cows AWAY from the road, one would break ranks and run right back into the road. Then sure enough a whole stream of them would follow. Once the stream of cows noticed that the pioneer cow was getting hollered at by the cowboy, they would literally do a 180 and RUN back to the herd. Good lesson for life - learn from other's mistakes! :)
We are going to rest and try to get some sleep tonight. Kind of hard when we know baby Evelyn is just days away from making her grand debut. I found out just a bit ago that I have an echocardiogram scheduled for Tues at 1:30pm. We are praying that Evelyn's heart will be totally healed and we will be facing some pretty stunned doctors. :)

Keep ya posted!


  1. Chris & Steph,

    Can't wait to see God Work.


  2. Wow! How quickly things change, we thought you would be halfway to Salt Lake today! We are praying for you guys and Evelyn and Clara too!

    Erik & Sara

  3. glad the cows got out of your way:) we are praying for you can't wait to see pictures!!!