Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evelyn Update

Steph is doing awesome! She has been able to lose the IV, pressure cuffs, and finger probe! They finally let her eat and was given the best tasting cooked carrots she had ever tasted. Over 24hrs of not eating turns anything into the most delictable provison.

Evelyn is very stable. While we were visiting her little niche of the NICU, the cardiologists and urologists stopped by, to discuss her condition. The cardiologist was very pleased with her numbers, and the urologist said that the piece of tissue sticking out of her umbilical cord was not a big issue. If it needs to be fixed it can wait several months. All of the teams involved with Evelyn have a meeting scheduled for 6am. They will be discussing their plan for little Evelyn. One issue that needs to be resolved is her lungs. Her heart is pushed over into her right lung. They are unable to tell how it is affecting the lung. They are also hesitant to jump into a big cardiovascular surgery without knowing the condition of her lung. They have a CT scan scheduled for Thursday, which will give them a better answer for the lung, but may be able to do it sooner.

God is doing good things through all of this-I was able to connect with a family that has a child who has even worse problems than our little one. Their baby has a whole in his diaphragm which allowed all of his organs to get sucked up into his chest cavity. The baby is on an eckmo(not sure of the spelling) machine. It bypasses the babies heart and lungs. I've been able to talk to the parents and am going to visit their baby tomorrow if I see them. There are so many people here that are hurting so much and have nowhere to turn. My heart goes out to them. How horrible to go through something like this without the Lord and our family and friends at church. Please pray for this family-that God would touch their baby and their hearts.

Thanks again for your support and prayers-we serve an amazing God!


  1. what a great chance to be a bright light for the Lord you have! He has put you in this situation for a reason maybe even several. You have the chance to touch many other famlies lives and share your faith in the Lord with them! We are praying for all of you...stay strong!

  2. Hi Chris and Steph,
    I work at Kormylo with your Dad and I am an NICU parent survivor, my 21 year old son was on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)for 8 days, it was followed by a 4 month stay in NICU. I can attest to the strain on a parent going through this, I can also attest to the gifts from the Lord as Riley my son is an angel here on Earth, teaching me and everyone he meets that life is a gift and never to be taken for granted. My prayers are with all of you now.

  3. Hi Stephanie and Chris. It is Jessica Argon here(Chads Jessica) Christy Lopez told us what was going on and you are in our prayers. She is beautiful and God is good.

    Love- Chad and Jessica Argon