Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Finding - Please Keep Praying!

At our echo on Tuesday the doctors thought they spotted something in Evelyn called a diaphragmic hernia. Essentially that's a hole in her diaphragm that would allow the contents of her abdomen (bowels, etc) enter into her chest. Which is a really big bad deal. So they did an MRI on me last night to try and rule this out. Praise the Lord they did rule out the diaphragmic hernia but they found that her right lung is smaller than it should be. This is what Chris was referring to in yesterday's post. The doctors see this problem but they can't be sure it's really a problem. Our neonatologist just told me that from what they can tell this is what it means: after Evelyn is born they will want to do tests (x-rays/cath procedure) to find more info about the lungs. Additionally the doctor warned us that she may need "help" breathing right after birth. Which could mean putting a breathing tube in her. After telling us all of this she said "remember though we haven't even met your daughter so we really don't know what we are dealing with." I asked if her lung is so small it's not functional and she said the "volume" of the lung is ok even though its small. But what they can't tell is how the lung will perform. So here we are - potential problem that might be nothing.

Please pray that all of this will turn out to be nothing. If she's anything like Clara she won't have problems in the lung capacity department. :) And we have not lost hope that she will be healed before surgery is required. Although at times its a fight to hang on to hope. Good thing that is Evelyn's middle name. Very appropriate and a good reminder to Mommy and Daddy. Mostly Mommy. Daddy is much stronger in the hope department.

My mom arrived yesterday and its been so good to have her down here with us. She's like a breath of fresh air. And if you see Clara please give her extra lovins. I'm trying to devise a plan to have her down here with us for good. Unless Evelyn is healed and doesn't need surgery it will be awhile before I can take care of Clara here. So maybe pray for Clara too if you think of it? Your prayers matter to us. We feel the grace to be in this situation. God is very near to us and things that normally would be hard aren't that hard. We know we have you, our pray-ers to thank. God is so good! Also Chris' stomach is perfect and my cold is gone. Thank you for praying for that!

We love you!!

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  1. Your little Clara has been in our thoughts all along. I think you really need your faith right in God and faith in your doctor's because you are in that most scary of places...waiting. Soon enough, Evelyn Hope will be here and you'll be able to deal with what is, not just what might be. That alone will be easier.