Sunday, March 1, 2009

No News - I Promise!

Some of you are wondering if we've heard anything from the doctors. And nope, we haven't. Now you see how serious we were when we said nothing happens fast around here! :)

As for other Evelyn news, when Chris and I arrived to visit her today I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that her coloring is way better! It was starting to get a tinge of yellow as you maybe noticed from the pictures. Now she's pleasantly pink. A little on the pale side, but with my arm next to her we are the same color. Clara isn't exactly a Bahama Mama either. :)

So for the big surprise...are you ready? We got to HOLD her today!!! Yep full on, cradling her in our arms, tubes and wires everywhere. It was so wonderful. And yes, I cried! That's not fresh news. Poor Chris - I cry all the time so he has his checklist "do you need your pain meds? Are you missing Clara? Is your faith low? Do you need me to pray for you?" When I held Evelyn he didn't even ask. I was glad because it would have just added another question to the mix "are you crying because you're happy?" Anyone know when postpartum emotions/hormones GO AWAY? Soon would be nice.

Back to holding Evelyn. She wasn't sedated and instantly melted into my arms. She was so calm - I loved it!! I'm so thankful for her nurse, Jean. She's been a NICU nurse for 20 years and takes such good care of Evie. She's the only one of Evie's nurses who has even been willing to talk about letting me hold her. I guess its kind of scary for the nurses because of how tied up Evie is. So if they aren't experienced they usually stay away from letting parents hold the baby. Thank you Lord, for Jean! :)

I will post pictures of our first hold later.

Chris' parents and sister along with my dad arrived this afternoon. Its fun to show Evelyn off! It will be so good to have company for a few days. We are blessed to have people in our lives that make so many sacrifices.

Please keep praying for a miraculous healing for Evelyn. We are confident that your diligence in prayer will pay off. Plus you will be richly rewarded in heaven. :)

Please also add in there a prayer that I would heal faster than I am from my surgery. The soreness is really starting to get in the way of how much I'm wanting to be with my baby. I get tired too fast and Chris makes me go home and rest. God can heal me too!

We love you! Thank you for your encouraging comments. It helps us to keep fighting!

All our love,


  1. Chris and steph, so glad to hear you were able to hold Evelyn, she is a precious sight to see...Good to know that you are surrounded with family and your Mom is loving on Clara at home... this is the prayer I have been saying when i am dealing with life , I have come back to repeating the "LORDS Prayer" over and over to until the Peace of God comes and I can rest in him knowing he is control of all things...The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all...2 Cor. 13:14 Love Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol

  2. I cried with you when I read about you cradling little Evie for the first time :) We prayed for her at small group on Thursday... and at Hour of Power on Friday... and at prayer on Saturday night... and everytime I think of you! Your faith continues to inspire me. This is a year for miracles.

  3. steph... just heard about baby Evelyn and caughtup on your blog. WILL BE PRAYING. so glad that you're writing this blog and we can all stay updated. That is so wonderful that you got to hold her, how special... okay, I will keep reading and praying. Love you, gina pemberton

  4. God answered one of my prayers! I have been praying you would get to hold her. Clara seems very happy to be home, she is into everything!
    Love you so much, MOM

  5. Praying for sweet little Evelyn! (I'm Shan's friend from Portland). You are ALL in my prayers!

  6. Hi steph, just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and chris and evelyn everyday. She is beautiful!! We love you! Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Jamie and Munir

  7. I am so glad you got to hold her, there is nothing like it... I keep praying for her every day as well as the both of you... You both are so amazing and inspiring to me...Thanks for all the updates.. Love you guys...

  8. I'm so glad you got to hold Evelyn! It made me cry as well to think about it. You guys are inspiring! We love you.


  9. oh steph! i AM praying for your evie! what a little miracle baby! in fact, im going to pray right now. LOVE you!