Sunday, March 8, 2009

Evelyn is With Jesus

Our beautiful Evelyn Hope went to be with precious Jesus last night at 10:05 pm. We got four wonderful hours with her free from tubes and wires. We prayed for pretty much the whole time asking God for a miracle. After she died, Chris and I kept asking. We are thankful for the wonderful four hours we got to hold and kiss our baby.

We know that God's ways are good and right and perfect. We don't understand them but we worship Him anyway!

He is good all the time no matter what our circumstances say.

We will soon be posting one last time as a memorial to our sweet daughter and as a thank you to all of you warriors of the faith who prayed hard and believed well.

Jesus will richly reward your faith.

All our love,
Chris and Steph


  1. Dear Sweet Evelyn... I can't even imagine what you are going through but know that I am sending all of my love and prayers to you and your family. Your faith is inspiring, your love is amazing - many prayers to you Chris and Steph, and may Evelyn be resting peacefully in the Kingdom of Heaven (oh yes, God is good!)

  2. Chris and Steph,

    Jeremy and I spent part of our Sunday catching ourselves up on your story. In the midst of our own struggles, it's hard to stop and remember what others are going through as well. I saw your post today, and totally believe it was God that stopped me and showed me, because I get so many notifications a day, that I can't keep up.

    Sometimes there are no words. Just the solemn bow of our heads to recognize God's presence. I'm sure you felt that presence as you held your daughter as she entered into His Kingdom.

    We are praying for you RIGHT NOW. There is a certain peace that comes, and you probably already know this. Before we go through these things, we don't understand how one could endure such pain, until it is us and God shows such favor.

    We love you as our sisters and brothers in Jesus, and we are so excited for the day we are all joined as a family with our most High King. When we will meet your precious Evelyn and our Aderah, two souls that are fully shaped from worshipping Jesus all of their "life". What joy we will all one day have, and no more of this heaviness. It will be gone, He promises.

    Still praying for your amazing family and asking God to bless each of you, Chris, Steph and Clara. Evelyn is Perfectly Healed now. Jesus DID answer you. You asked for perfect healing, and she is resting in His arms perfectly healed. Now, rest.

    All of our love and prayers,

    Ani, Jer, Madi, Selah & Veiyah ^^Aderah Pslam^^

  3. Blessings upon you and your family at this time...your daughter's healing is we pray for yours.

  4. we are lifting you up in prayer. i am very thankful for those hours you got to hold your sweet one! thank you for your example of walking with Christ through great heart ache, i know that He was carrying you most the way.

  5. chris and step, Our heart and prayers go out to you...May the lord comfort you. Your steadfast faith has been a encouragement to us...Evelyn,s life will be a testament to the glory of the Lord...Love aunt carol and uncle dan...

  6. I haven't actually written anything so far on this but Beau and I have been following some of your journey as I've logged on to your page. Last night we were praying for baby Evie as I'm sure so many people were. Tears ran down my face as I read your blog this morning but I know Evelyn is with Jesus now and probably tearing it up in heaven as she runs around in a new, healthy body that is completely perfect! It's sometimes so hard for me to understand God's purposes except that I know how much I've been encouraged in my faith by just the different blogs that you guys have written on this page. I can only imagine the people's lives that you've touched so far and that you will touch in the future with your story of incredible faith as you've walked this difficult journey. Thank you for sharing so much of your testimony with us and Beau and I will continue praying for strength and peace to be yours during this time.
    Much Love,
    Angie and Beau

  7. Have been praying for you guys much. My heart is with you guys.

    Blessings cousin Ben

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I can not even begin to imagine what you have been through. May God bless you and comfort you in the days and months and years ahead.

  9. Baby Evie is Healed now and with Jesus! I am now praying for the both of you, our hearts go to you, you are so faithful and amazing! Baby Evie served her purpose here, she brought many people to God and touched so many lives!! Thank you so much for keeping us all updated through your blog and including us all in her journey here on earth.. Love you all, and May God bless and comfort you! Steph P.

  10. Chris and Steph,
    I have been so inspired by your faith! In the short time Evelyn was alive, she had touched so many people, and I know that God will continue to use her life to touch many more lives in the future. As had been said before I don't understand everything that happens in our lives, but I know that I know that God is so good. We love you guys, and we love baby Evelyn.


  11. we sang this song in church this morning and tears just rolled down my face as i thought of you all. it was the same song that got me through the miscarriage of our first baby and the rocky start of our daughter. forgive the cliche of the first line. i hope it is something of a comfort to you as it was to me.

    "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm.

    Deep in unfathomable mines of never failing skill He treasures up His bright designs and works His sovereign will.

    Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take; The clouds ye so much dread are big with mercy and shall break in blessings on your head.

    Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, but trust Him for His grace; behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face.

    His purposes will ripen fast, unfolding every hour; the bud may have a bitter taste but sweet will be the flower.

    Blind unbelief is sure to err and scan His work in vain; God is His own interpreter and He will make it plain."

  12. Chris and Stephanie,
    We were so sorry to hear about Evelyn, but encouraged by your faith! We are weeping with you and holding you up with our prayers. One verse that was a great comfort to me (Rachel) when we had our miscarriage was Psalm 34:18, "You, Lord are near to the brokenhearted, and save those crushed in spirit." We love you, Dennis & Rachel Mills

  13. Chris and Stephanie,
    I am so sorry; I don't know the words to say, but I know that God is the One who can bring real comfort. I'm so very thankful that for every day you spend missing Evelyn here in this life, you will spend thousands of years in eternity with her, rejoicing and praising God together.
    We love you!
    Paul & Amy Vassar

  14. I am so very sorry to hear your news.
    Your faith and your spirit amazes me.
    I pray that you are able to remain strong in your faith and lean on the Lord through all of your sorrows.
    The Bouffard Family

  15. our hearts are aching with you and longing for you to feel the Lord's peace tonight. we thank God for your family.
    our love to you, nikki & tyler

  16. i stumbled into your site by accident today. my prayers to your family.

  17. Praying for you and your family!

  18. Chris and Steph,
    We will be praying for Gods peace to be over you in this time.

    Josh and Shiela

  19. Chris and Stephanie- God will see you through this time. We will be praying for you both and just wanted to let you know how sorry we are. Keep trusting in the Lord.
    Love- Chad and Jessica Argon

  20. We are very sorry for your loss, but we know now she is perfectly healed and with Jesus. We are praying for you everyday! We love you guys. Your strong faith has been such and inspiration to us all and little Evelyn touched so many people with her short life...the ripples will be felt for a long long time!

  21. Chris & Steph,

    Our hearts are deeply saddened but yet thankful that baby Evelyn is with the Lord right now. We are keeping you guys in our prayers constantly and are so blessed to be friends with you.

    Love, Brian, Elizabeth, Jadon & Ella Womack

  22. We continue to pray for you guys! Your faith and strength has inspired us in so many ways and sweet Evelyn's life has touched so many people-more than you'll probably ever know!!! We love you!!

  23. Karen and I have been touched by Evelyn and moved by you both -- loving parents and faithful believers. Blessings to your family.


  24. God bless you and your family. Your daughter is in a perfect place now and you will be with her again. Keep your faith. It will help you continue to live.

  25. Chris and Stephanie,

    We ache with you over your loss, but we are confident that the Lord is holding you at this time of great grief with His love and care. Your lives are a constant reminder to each of us that the Lord's grace is sufficient to carry us through the most difficult of circumstances. Many blessings to you!

    All our love,
    Jim and Inis Fox and family

  26. I'm so sorry...I can't imagine what you're going through...I want you to know your story has touched me and when I ready that Evelyn was now with Jesus, I just cried...I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...You guys are truely amazing, inspirational people...Thanks for sharing your story...I'm sending you all a big hug.