Friday, March 6, 2009

Have We Exceeded Our Prayer Request Limit?

If not would you toss up one for me today? We didn't even make it to Reno last night because yours truly got incredibly sick. So here we are in a podunk town in CA just waking up (late! We are so tired.)To face a very long stretch of road. Please pray that I would get well fast. I cannot be sick right now! But I am dreading getting into that car. One thing is for sure I will never eat McDonalds again. That's what I get for eating that junk! :) please also pray that Donner Pass and NV/OR would not be snowy. We need to get in at a decent time tonight. Evelyn arrives today early afternoon. I can't stand the thought of her in a new and strange place without us for very long.

Thank you for continuing to support us and pray for us. Everyone should have a blog so we all can pray for each other.

Oh and Jessica, you are so right about Evelyn already being healed through what Jesus did on the cross. We are going to be praising Him the whole way home. Since I WON'T be throwing up! I keep teasing Chris..."I think its morning sickness, babe. Maybe I'm pregnant." He doesn't think its as funny as I do. And of course its only been 1.5 weeks since Evie was born so I'm not for sure.

Love you all!


  1. O Wow! That can't be fun or feel good when you are recovering from major abdominal surgery! We will definitely pray a little extra for your health and travels today. We are so excited for you all to be coming home, we KNOW that God has something great instore for your family! All of our love,

    Sara Nelson

  2. YOu have to stay a little bit loyal to McDonald's - Remember the Ronald McDonald House! Hope you feel better and the drive is good!

  3. Steph and Chris! We love you guys so much! We will pray for a safe journey home for you. I think every person we've met on the east coast in the short time we've been here is praying for your little family. Princeton is lifting you in prayer!!!

  4. We love of you and are thinking of you and praying for you. Evelyn is so beautiful!

    Chris and Linda Parrish

  5. We'll continue to pray for safe travels for you! Hope you'll feel better too-that's no fun! We like blogs too- I put a "pray for Evelyn" button on ours for you!!

  6. has she had her first bath yet? do you have it on film? dont know if it's possible to post videos on blogs, but maybe on nathan's facebook or something. enjoy your time in boise with your beautiful baby!

  7. Chris and Steph,
    There's never been a limit to the number of prayers God will's kind of one of those things that never has an end. It just makes us so happy to know that Evie is "home".
    Clara and Donette are coming over for dinner tonight. Drive safe.....

  8. im so sorry you are sick steph! on top of everything it is the last thing you need, SO i will pray for a quick recovery. love you! drive safe!

  9. Saying prayers for a safe and nonsick journey home.
    You are so right about finding prayers in this community. I have found so many wonderful, generous and faithful people out in the blogging world and we are spreading your story so that hundreds and hundreds of people will be down on their knees for your sweet Evelyn.